Rogers Store 1

Part poet, part broadcast engineer, part marketing expert, part professional creative, photographer, mentor and entrepreneur – I’ve never been able to tell people what I do in 25 words or less. Raised in Virginia, I now live in Vermont, where the New England countrysides and towns sing to me each day, while technology lets me work with clients anywhere and everywhere.

The essays here, these little slices of my soul, are just the thoughts of someone who has lived, sometimes well, sometimes blindly, but always searching for the lessons. Because almost everything in life has a lesson.

They are pretty random, just as life is often pretty random. But they may well end up as a book.

Don’t laugh, it’s happened me once already, when friend of mine turned two decades of letters and e-mails into a book that eventually turned into “The Wisdom Letters.”  still available in paperback and Kindle edition.  I have an odd belief that lightening can strike twice, so you never know.

Are you the curious sort? Then…

Thank you for visiting and letting me share slices of my soul with you.

Be blessed,

Tom Atkins

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